Charging contacts

ODU TURNTAC® is the preferred contact system for charging interfaces in the field of e‐mobility – and is available for the most commonly used standards (NACS, SAE J1772, IEC, GB/T, ChaoJi). In addition to the sockets, we also offer the matching pin contacts.



The outer contours and termination area can be adapted in accordance with different installation situations. Special contours, sealing surfaces, and other requirements can be flexibly implemented.

High current

The ODU TURNTAC® contact principle is suitable for high currents, such as those required for DC charging of electric vehicles. The robust design ensures stable transmission properties and an especially long service life.

System solutions

Special component geometries are possible, such as those found in charging adapters. The contact system compensates for the positions of different connector faces. The assembly of further components, such as sealing components, is also possible.


The ODU TURNTAC® contact system is easily scalable and available in a wide range of dimensions, from contact diameters significantly smaller than 1.5 mm up to 12 mm and larger. It is therefore equally suitable for signal and high‐current applications.


Contact solutions with slotted contacts

Available for all common charging standards
Rugged and universal contact system
Flexible contact design
Over 10,000 mating cycles
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ODU TURNTAC® combines the very best contact properties and high quality with economical prices. Even in adverse operating environments, this robust and flexible contact system has proven its worth. The slotted‐contact principle is scalable for high‐current applications and is thus viable with even the smallest dimensions. The unique contact geometry with optimum contact forces ensures low mating and demating forces – this is of enormous importance, especially for charging connectors. In combination with ODU contact pins, this solution guarantees a durable and reliable connection.

  • Turned and slotted contacts  
  • Applicable for all common charging standards
    • NACS (North American Charging Standard)
    • SAE J1772
    • IEC
    • GB / T
    • ChaoJi
    • CHAdeMO
  • Rugged and universal contact system 
  • Low and stable mating and demating forces 
  • > 10,000 mating cycles 
  • Various solutions for cable assembly and connection 

ODU TURNTAC® – applications

ODU TURNTAC® meets all requirements for the charging technology of tomorrow. Using our example application, we demonstrate the practical possibilities offered by this contact system.

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The robust solution

Learn about the key benefits of our turned and slotted ODU TURNTAC® contacts at a glance. This universal contact system combines the very best contact properties and high quality with economic prices. Thanks to its extraordinarily robust design, this contact system excels when misalignment occurs on mating, even in harsh environments.

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