Globally networked – from our home in Mühldorf

Otto Dunkel founded his connector manufacturing company in 1942. Even back then, ODU soon earned a reputation for its inventive and reliable solutions – and for its first‐class connector systems for the transmission of power, signals, data, and media. This reputation still precedes ODU many decades after its founding – and has traveled all around the world from the company’s headquarters in the tranquil town of Mühldorf am Inn.

Today, ODU among the world’s leading and most innovative connector manufacturers – including for the automotive industry. Over 2,500 employees worldwide endeavor to create perfect connections to overcome the technological challenges associated with e‐mobility. This is the future that ODU is actively shaping!

1942 ODU in Mühldorf

Founded by Otto Dunkel

1985 ODU in the USA

Founding of the subsidiary ODU USA

1987 ODU in the United Kingdom

Founding of the subsidiary ODU UK

1996 ODU in France

Founding of the subsidiary ODU France

2001 ODU in Shanghai

Founding of ODU Shanghai Manufacturing

2006 ODU in Romania

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Romania

2012 ODU in China

Founding of the Product Development Center (PDC) in Shanghai, China

2014 ODU in Denmark

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Denmark

2014 ODU in Italy

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Italy

2015 ODU in Japan

Founding of the subsidiary ODU Japan

2016 New overseas production facility: ODU Mexico

ODU opened a new production facility near Tijuana, Mexico. The background to this was the successful American project business, which involved both application‐based and customized products. As in Europe, fully assembled connectors are increasingly being distributed in North America.

2019 ODU in Korea

Founding of ODU Korea Inc.

2020 ODU in Hong Kong

Direct sales in Taiwan, South East Asia and New Zealand via ODU Hong Kong

Corporate responsibility

Corporate policy

Quality secures the future of our company! That is why we work according to a quality strategy that involves all areas of our company - our customers, suppliers, employees, but also the environment and the public. Only by looking at the big picture can sustainable success be guaranteed.

Product safety policy

Connectors from ODU are used in a wide range of demanding applications with the highest quality and safety requirements. That is why ODU pursues a consistent strategy that encompasses all stages of the development and production process.