IEC 62196 Type 2

The ODU STAMPTAC® contact system is available for the standard European charging interface in contact sizes of 3 mm and 6 mm. A striking characteristic is the integrated sealing element for optimum protection against moisture ingress.

Suitable for large‐scale production

ODU STAMPTAC® contacts are available as strip material and therefore compatible with highly automated production processes, making them the economical alternative for very high volumes.

System solutions

The sealing element reliably prevents moisture ingress (IPX7) into the connector housing. The contact and sealing element form a solid unit. During final assembly, this eliminates additional work steps which would be necessary with conventional sealing concepts.

Surface technology

Choosing the right surface coating is critical in terms of ensuring the optimum functionality of a contact system. The contact area is designed for low‐loss transmission and high wear resistance. The termination area ensures a stable cable connection with an especially long service life.


ODU STAMPTAC® is designed for maximum reliability – just like every contact system from ODU. In addition to additional diligence during the design and testing phase, ODU places particular emphasis on compliance with the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.


Contact solutions with stamped contacts

For automated processing
Complete solution in IPX7
High cost efficiency
Over 10,000 mating cycles
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ODU STAMPTAC® combines the best of two worlds: contact design and stamping technology. Carefully selected materials, coordinated surface coatings and precise manufacturing technologies ensure both a high level of quality and exceptional reliability. Thanks to our highly automated manufacturing processes, we can ensure customized yet economical production of these connectors in large volumes. By integrating the longitudinal sealing element at an earlier stage of production, we were able to reduce the required number of parts and eliminate additional work steps in the subsequent assembly process.

  • Complete IPX7 solution 
  • Stamping technology for customized, high‐volume solutions 
  • For charging standard IEC 62196 Type 2 (IEC) 
  • > 10,000 mating cycles
  •  RoHS conform and lead-free
  • Cost‐efficient alternative for high volumes 
  • Various solutions for cable assembly and connection

ODU STAMPTAC® – applications

The ODU STAMPTAC® contact system combines the requirements of manufacturers with the demands of users – to realize the charging technology of tomorrow. Using our example application, we demonstrate the practical possibilities offered by this contact system.

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The large‐series contact

Experience stamping technology in a new way! ODU STAMPTAC® contact systems offer efficient and economical solutions for large‐series production by combining an optimized contact design with our stamping technology.

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