Sustainability at ODU

For our company, sustainability means striving to achieve economic, social and ecological goals simultaneously and with equal priority.

We want to create lasting value, offer good working conditions and treat the environment and resources with care.

We take responsibility for:

Responsibility for the environment

Solar panels on the roof of a building with trees in the background.

Photovoltaic systems

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2201 modules on the ODU site provide 900 kWp of power.

The plant supplies the company with around 1,000,000 kWH of "electricity".


A large pipe system in a room.

Well water cooling

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We pump 130,000 m³ of 16 °C cold well water to cool machinery and equipment and return max. 6 K of heated water to the absorption well.

The limit values are monitored by the Mühldorf am Inn District Office.

Chip processing plant.

Oil separator / chip processing

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Up to 20,000 kg of brass chips are processed weekly in the chip processing plant of the turning shop. They are crushed, then fed into a centrifuge, where chips and cutting oil are separated from each other by centrifugal force. The oil obtained in this process is treated, filtered and returned to the cooling circuit.

This means that up to 5,000 litres of oil are recovered every week.

A waste heat compressor in a room.

Waste heat compressor

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Heat recovery systems are used to recover heat from exhaust air, air compressors and oil for cooling production processes.

A four-storey building is heated with the heat loss from two air compressors.Efficiency in compressed air generation 10%, approx. 80 % can be used as heating energy.

Various certificates and an ODU ballpoint pen.

Operational environmental protection

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With the introduction of the ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 50001 energy management system, ODU is committed to protecting the environment, improving environmental performance, complying with binding obligations (compliance) and continuously improving management systems.

A man charges a car with an electric cable.

E-charging stations

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Various e-charging stations are available on our premises.

E-charging stations enable our customers to drive green and we contribute to the promotion of electromobility.

Responsibility for our products

Quality secures the future of our company! That is why we work according to a quality strategy that includes all areas of our company – our customers, suppliers, employees, products, but also the environment and the public. Only a holistic view guarantees sustainable success.


ODU develops and produces electrical and electronic solutions on the basis of a fully integrated and harmonized management system, which is certified according to globally recognized standards and is consistently practiced.

Product safety policy

ODU connectors are used in a wide range of demanding applications with the highest quality and safety requirements. That is why ODU pursues a consistent strategy that encompasses all stages of the development and production process.


Reliability, credibility, responsibility, fairness and legality are essential building blocks for our business success. We therefore require every supplier to comply with our principles and to take responsibility for compliance with legal requirements.

Responsibility for our employees

Two ODU employees stand next to each other in front of a machine.

Diversity & Age

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Our success as an international company is built on different nationalities, genders, disciplines, abilities and lifestyles.

This multiplicity of personalities and resulting perspectives is essential.


A group of ODU employees cross a crosswalk

Human Rights

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Respecting and promoting human rights is the foundation of our daily actions.

The implementation of the core labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for employees and suppliers is an important building block in this regard.

ODU trainees sit at tables and write on posters during a workshop.

Education & Training

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At ODU we believe that the know-how and technical inventiveness of our workforce are valuable assets – as drivers of innovation and technical progress.

In order to promote these qualities, we attach particular importance to providing tailored training and further education for our employees – and enabling them to pursue their requested professional development opportunities.

A woman stands at a desk with two monitors.


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We are establishing new standards for office equipment in our offices. These include, for example, height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and space for creativity, etc.


Two ODU employees kneel on the floor and practice chest compressions on a dummy.

Health Management

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Maintaining and promoting the health and performance of employees is an important concern for ODU.

Therefore, the company supports self-responsible behavior and designs the working environment to maintain long-term health, e.g. in terms of occupational safety, ergonomics at the workplace.

Three ODU executives in a room full of gifts.


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Social commitment is one of the cornerstones at ODU and is firmly anchored in the self-image of many employees.

They act voluntarily and on their own initiative outside of working hours.As an employer in the Mühldorf region, we support associations and non-profit organizations.

Our sustainability profile

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