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At ODU, we develop customized solutions based on our vast pool of know‐how and expertise. Our decisive advantage? Every single step of the production and development process takes place in‐house. From consulting to final inspection, we ensure that our connections meet the customer’s requirements in every respect – no matter how challenging and customized they may be. 

  • Tailored consulting and development 
  • High technical standards in production 
  • Final inspection under real‐world conditions

Contact technologies for the mobility of tomorrow

A prerequisite of reliable contact technology is that the required contact properties are combined in an optimum manner. These include the contact resistance, contact safety and mating cycles. ODU’s strength lies in optimizing these features in accordance with the specific requirements of our projects – by drawing on our vast experience and strong development and manufacturing expertise in the field of contact technology.

Predictive simulations as a decisive factor for short lead times and functional reliability

FEM simulation

The mechanical contact properties of the mating process form the essential basis for wear‐resistant electrical connections that will remain stable for the long term.

Thermal management

The electrical performance is already determined in the conceptual phase by means of thermal simulations. Extensive, in‐house databases allow for the individual adjustment and consideration of the overall system.

The right layout

An extensive database makes it possible to create a reliable forecast map of crimp processes by means of FEM simulation. In addition to visualizing the quality of the strands during the pressing operation, it also lets us reliably identify any critical stress conditions caused by over‐crimping of the material. To the right, an optimally crimped layout.

Vibration simulation

In addition to classical mechanical simulations, the components’ stability under vibration load must also be considered ahead of time. The acceleration analysis is used to determine any relative movements between the components. This is followed by modal‐based analysis to detect harmful resonances in the system before production.

Measure, test, understand, and control

State‐of‐the‐art test procedures ensure maximum reliability even under the most challenging conditions: 

  • Electrical and mechanical testing methods 
  • Thermal inspections and environmental simulations 
  • Material selection and inspection 

By developing products and creating reliable simulation forecasts at the same time, we can quickly design a solution that is cost‐effective for you.

Quality and efficiency in every detail

In addition to metal processing, our range of manufacturing options also includes a wide variety of plastic processing methods, numerous electroplating and chemical coating processes, as well as our in‐house mold and tool shop. 
With 80% in‐house manufacturing, we can implement changes flexibly and quickly during product development. Lastly, our state‐of‐the‐art equipment ensures a high throughput and maximum cost efficiency in series production.

Surface engineering

The contact obtains its specific electrical and mechanical properties (contact resistance, wear resistance, etc.) from the application‐specific surface coating. As a leading supplier of high‐quality coating systems, we integrate surface engineering aspects into all development and production steps from the outset. 
Barrel, vibrobot, rack, or conveyor systems are used for coating procedures – these are selected according to the specific product requirements.


All preliminary products come together during assembly: the finished contacts, insulators, housing parts and many other components. To ensure economical production for our customers, we place particular emphasis on efficiency and quality in our assembly processes. 
Our proprietary, fully automated assembly machines are tailored to the end product and thus ensure cost‐optimized solutions in series production. 

The connection is just the start

The termination area of a contact is often underestimated in terms of its impact on the performance and functionality of the overall connector system. Just like the contact area itself, it must guarantee constant transmission – even under extreme conditions. ODU offers advice and support when it comes to selecting and combining suitable connection technologies, and offers various joining processes such as:  

  • Crimping
  • Screwing
  • Ultrasonic and laser welding

Knowledge connects. Experience creates trust.

Having already successfully implemented a large number of solutions, ODU can draw on a wealth of experience when approaching each new project and challenge. It is this knowledge that connects us. It is this experience that creates trust. Together, they are the perfect combination – that you can depend on!

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