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GB/T 20234.2


GB/T 20234.3

IEC 62196 CCS Combo 2

IEC 62196 Type 2

SAE J1772 CCS Combo 1

SAE J1772 Type 1



Future-proof eMobility

High-performance contacts for the North American Charging Standard

eMobility and hybrid vehicles are posing constantly evolving challenges. Demand for alternative drive systems is higher than ever before. With ODU TURNTAC® we offer high-performance contacts today for the charging standard of tomorrow. Find out all about our NACS-compatible high-current contact system!

Charging revolution for the ChaoJi standard

A solution for the integration of different charging standards

eMobility is also gaining ground in China and is relying entirely on the ChaoJi charging standard. With the ODU Adapter, ODU is transforming the efficiency and compatibility of EV charging infrastructures worldwide, offering a state-of-the-art technological solution for different charging standards.

Two technologies. One mission: the future of charging

The search is on for charging plugs that combine reliability, efficiency and ergonomics. ODU TURNTAC® and ODU STAMPTAC® are two contact systems that optimally support these requirements. The perfect connection for tomorrow’s road users!

ODU TURNTAC® & ODU STAMPTAC® – universal yet customizable

Decades of experience in the development and design of electrical connections make ODU the expert for high-performance and particularly durable charging contacts.
With ODU TURNTAC® and ODU STAMPTAC® we offer contacting solutions for the following charging standards:

  • NACS
  • SAE J1772
  • IEC
  • GB / T
  • ChaoJi
  • CHAdeMO

Performance meets ergonomics and efficiency

E‐mobility is considered one of the cleanest and most efficient solutions for personal transportation – and is therefore a cornerstone of the energy revolution. Maximum efficiency begins even before the first mile has been driven, i. e., during charging. However, a fundamental distinction must be made between two charging variants: For fast charging (DC charging), a particularly high current is applied, which, however, results in higher charging losses and significant heat generation. The gentler charging method (AC charging) uses less current. Consequently, the power dissipation and heat generation are also significantly lower, resulting in longer charging times compared to DC charging.

"Efficiency begins in the fine details. Here at ODU Automotive, we use ODU STAMPTAC® and ODU TURNTAC® solutions to help our customers realize safe and durable charging solutions."
Manuel Felix, Director Global Sales Automotive

Whether for DC or AC charging, the key challenge when designing charging connectors is to coordinate all relevant factors in a way that allows the highest possible currents to be provided with the lowest possible power losses. The framework conditions for this are the ergonomics of the charging interface itself, as well as national and international standards.

Adapter at a glance

Advantages of our complete solutions to combine different charging standards:

  • Safe and convenient handling
  • Compact design and reliable connection
  • Perfect fit between charging plug and vehicle socket
  • Robust and waterproof plastic housing

Fully charged, not refueled – maximum know‐how for maximum performance

Constraints fuel creativity, as the saying goes. This is especially true when it comes to developing our charging contacts for demanding DC and high‐power applications – in this area, the narrow specifications stipulated by manufacturers and legislators seriously limit our „wiggle room“. However, the users in this sector in particular expect high performance and reliability! 

To ensure maximum performance, we therefore rely on our expertise in materials, coatings, and the quality of the electrical connection. The correct tuning of all three parameters is critically important for the reliability and efficiency of the charging contacts – and thus of the interface as a whole.

Sister solutions: Our contact technologies grow with your requirements

With our ODU TURNTAC® and ODU STAMPTAC® charging contacts we offer our customers two highly distinct contact technologies. ODU TURNTAC® is our universal solution that we use for many different charging standards. ODU STAMPTAC® is the logical evolution of ODU TURNTAC® and is optimized for maximum cost and production efficiency in large‐scale production.

The future is built on the past – which is why we draw on our previous experience to create new solutions

Having already successfully implemented a large number of solutions, ODU can draw on a wealth of experience when approaching each new project and challenge. Whether creating a design basis or simulating a specific object, we incrementally push forward the boundaries and apply the latest analysis methods – to ensure realistic projections that you can rely on.

With both our ODU TURNTAC® and ODU STAMPTAC® series, our customers benefit from perfectly coordinated in-house processes. From consulting to development to testing, we coordinate every step under one roof. For maximum efficiency – and minimal „charging losses“.

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