Battery Swapping technology

Beyond conventional approaches

Battery Swapping Connector

  • Self-finding docking of HV-battery & drivetrain module connections
  • Ideal when blind mating is required
  • High tolerance compensation up to +/- 3.7 mm
  • Power, signal and CAN-bus in one solution
  • Available including cable assembly
James Kruzich | BDM Automotive North America

Exclusively for the NAFTA market

Technical data at a glance

Tolerance compensation +/- 3.7 mm
Operating voltage 400 V DC
Dielectric strength 4.3 kV DC / 60 sec.
Current rating 180 A / 50 mm²
IP class IPX7 (mated condition)
Shielding 360°
Temperature range -30 °C – 85 °C
Mating cycles ≥ 50

Battery Swapping Connector – applications

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Special vehicles
"The ODU Docking Mate is the perfect solution for electric vehicle battery swap applications where mechanical assist is needed."
James Kruzich, Business Development Manager Automotive North America

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