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Highly customized contacting solutions are ODU’s core competence. The requirements for connectors, especially in the automotive sector, have changed significantly over the last 10 years. The destination is clear: A world in which plug‐in hybrids and electric vehicles make personal transportation more sustainable and future‐proof. 

And the journey to get there is more than exciting – it’s electrifying. Our ODU LAMTAC® contact system is the crucial connection in this context. A success story that is written between the inverter and motor – and between today and tomorrow!

ODU LAMTAC® – the perfect solution for your next generation of connectors

Connectors that can transmit more power even at high ambient temperatures require a reliable and robust contact system. Besides being sturdy enough for high‐current transmissions, these new contact systems must also withstand challenging operating conditions – including strong vibrations in the vehicle. With ODU LAMTAC® we have a contact in our product range that perfectly meets these requirements – and which we can always adapt to our customers’ needs.

Solutions that meet all requirements

We develop contact systems that meet even the most challenging customer requirements. Based on ODU LAMTAC® contact technology, we have developed a solution that fits perfectly into a 90° connector and also ensures high current transmission at high temperatures – and is also pluggable from two sides.

"New challenges are the ideal drivers for ongoing product development."
Richard Espertshuber, Business Development Automotive

For us, the main challenge was to meet all design requirements while also achieving the required electrical performance. A high degree of effectiveness and maximum efficiency are crucial, especially in the automotive sector. After all, it’s all about range – and ultimately also the acceptance of these new vehicles by the customers. Besides pure performance, other factors also play an important role, such as safety, reliability and, of course, cost. ODU has the know‐how, the ideas, and the equipment to develop these highly complex solutions.

The technical basis for our solution is the ODU LAMTAC® lamella

For optimum performance and maximum thermal stability – with a permanent limit temperature of 180°C – the ODU LAMTAC® lamella consistently delivers top electrical performance even at elevated temperatures. This makes it the optimal contact technology for this high‐current solution! 

However, the lamella technology also offers other advantages, such as the ability to optimize the transmission properties through double contacting. The result? Even after demanding shaker tests, enough contact points are intact to guarantee low resistance and high contact safety. 

Our solution during testing: No room for „bad vibrations“!

Massive vibrations occur in the vehicle, especially while driving, which must be reliably absorbed by the connector and contact design. By means of a contact designed to meet these special requirements, disruptive vibrations and environmental influences can be kept away from the actual contact point. 
The results of extensive practical tests show that our solution more than makes the grade. With some additional design measures and a specially developed silver surface, our ODU LAMTAC® contact technology even aced the Class 4 vibration test. 

Join us on the road to the future

The development of this solution on the basis of ODU LAMTAC® contact technology is a success story that is becoming more relevant every day – just like hybrid and electric drives themselves. It is also a story that we are happy to rewrite for each customer and each set of requirements. 

We draw on our vast pool of expertise to develop the perfect connection for your project. From high currents and high temperatures to special vibration loads, we understand the challenges and can provide the optimum technical solution. Join us on the road to the future – and help write our new success story. 

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