The direct connector system for the automotive world of tomorrow

Compensate the tolerances. Master the challenges!

The future of innovative connector systems

Modularization, miniaturization, and automation. These are the buzzwords when it comes to production trends for electric vehicle drivetrains. But there is another significant factor: The massive rise in power requirements in recent years – in other words, the increases in voltage and current. Taken together, all these design and performance challenges ultimately make it necessary to fundamentally rethink the electrical connections on power units.

ODU DOCKING MATE®: the direct connector system of the future

The ODU DOCKING MATE® direct connector system is our answer to these challenges. It uses the contact technology behind the ODU LAMTAC® Flex and can thus compensate for tolerances of up to 1 millimeter in the contact system. However, this is only one of the many advantages that make ODU DOCKING MATE® the innovative connector system of tomorrow.

Our answer to the challenges of the future

Multi‐position interfaces are required at various points on the drivetrain. In some cases, wired connectors can be used – however, when connecting modules directly, a docking system is the better choice. In particular, connections that include rigid busbars require a contact system that can precisely compensate for tolerances and thus allow automated assembly.

"The increasing integration of additional functions in electric drives necessitates a rethink with regard to the associated connector systems."
Rudolf Dechantsreiter, Head of Business Unit Automotive

By using the ODU LAMTAC® Flex contact technology, the advantages of the ODU DOCKING MATE® come into play. Using the ODU LAMTAC® Flex means the connector system can be specially designed to compensate for existing tolerances in rigid busbars. This enables automated assembly, while at the same time providing customized housing components that are precisely tailored to your requirements. The result is an overall system that can meet many requirements simultaneously – and thus offers a strong answer to the challenges associated with future connector systems.

ODU DOCKING MATE® at a glance

Advantages of our innovative direct connector system: 

  • Tolerance compensation of up to +/– 1 millimeter 
  • Based on ODU LAMTAC® Flex technology 
  • Modular design – numerous variants  
  • Suitable for rigid busbars  
  • Customized housings to meet your requirements  
  • Compact size for flat connections and small installation spaces 
  • Automated assembly possible

The future will be electrifying.

ODU DOCKING MATE® remains flexible!

Flexibility in the truest sense of the word: ODU DOCKING MATE® not only lets us compensate for manufacturing tolerances. It is also our proprietary docking technology and serves as the basis for our flexible, forward‐looking solutions.

The trends are clear – the rate of electrification in transport continues to rise. For the underlying technology, this means enabling maximum efficiency with the lowest possible use of valuable resources. ODU DOCKING MATE® is a combined solution to both of these challenges – and much more besides. 
Its modular design reduces costs and the required installation space. At the same time, it remains incredibly flexible and customizable, which means we can also respond quickly and efficiently to emerging trends. Whether for changing requirements or systematic further development – with ODU DOCKING MATE® we are steering a course towards the future of e‐mobility. We are excited about meeting these future challenges – with our flexible and innovative solutions.

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