ODU TURNTAC® is a high‐current contact system for the North American Charging Standard (NACS)

The future of mobility is electric, and the transformation is already well underway

The success of this technological process depends to a significant extent on the interplay between electric vehicles and compatible charging technologies. After all, a standardized charging infrastructure forms the basis for a sustainable transport transition.

In the future, there will continue to be regional differences; however, the mixing of different charging standards within a region should be avoided as far as possible.

With our comprehensive expertise in electrical contacts, we already offer high‐performance contacts for the charging standard of tomorrow: our ODU TURNTAC® contact system. This is suitable for all common charging standards: ChaoJi, CHAdeMO, GB/T, IEC, SAE, and NACS.

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) as a potential charging standard for eMobility in the North American market

To date, various international charging standards with geo-specific connector faces and specifications have been established:

  • IEC (Europe)
  • SAE and NACS (North America)
  • GB/T (China)

However, one of these standards is now receiving particular attention: the North American Charging Standard, or NACS for short. Since its introduction in 2012, the „TESLA standard“ has gradually evolved into a pioneering charging standard for electric vehicles in North America.

Following its publication as the North American Charging Standard in 2022, many international car manufacturers have announced their decision to adopt NACS for the plugs and charging protocols for their future electric vehicles.

So does NACS mean that a standardized solution for all electric vehicles in North America is on the horizon?

The positive features and many advantages of this standard clearly outweigh its drawbacks:

  • Uniformity of contacts:
    NACS allows the same contacts to be used for AC and DC charging, resulting in a more compact connector design. 
  • Simplified wiring:
    This approach simplifies the wiring in the vehicle inlet, which in turn saves space and reduces costs.
  • Better locking:
    Compared to the CCS1 standard, the NACS system features a far superior integrated locking mechanism and is therefore less susceptible to damage.
  • More compact cable design:
    The combination of AC and DC also allows the charging cables to be significantly more compact, making NACS charging equipment particularly convenient and easy to handle.

ODU contacts for NACS – experience meets innovation

Having already successfully implemented a large number of system solutions, ODU can draw on a wealth of experience when approaching each new project and challenge.

This also applies to the development of advanced charging contacts for demanding AC and DC charging applications, which must comply with the strict specifications issued by manufacturers and legislators. Users expect high performance as well as absolute reliability and safety.

Our many years of experience and expertise in materials, coatings, and high-quality electrical connections are the key to delivering the required electrical and mechanical properties.

The result::
The ODU TURNTAC® high-performance contact system – for maximum performance, reliable operation, and a high current-carrying capacity combined with a large number of mating cycles.

ODU TURNTAC®: Powerful contact system for charging processes

With ODU TURNTAC®, our customers receive custom‐designed high‐performance contacts that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of eMobility and the transition to NACS as the new charging standard for North America.

Our ODU TURNTAC® slotted contacts are particularly suitable for applications with high current flow. Their specially designed contact geometry ensures low mating and demating forces as well as stable transmission properties. This results in optimum contact resistance, ensuring consistent performance throughout the connector’s service life.

As an ODU customer, you not only benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the field of electrical contacts, but also from perfectly coordinated in-house processes. From consulting and development to testing, we combine all process steps under one roof. For maximum efficiency – and minimal “charging losses”.

Technical specifications of ODU TURNTAC®

  • Turned and slotted contact technology 
  • Over 10,000 mating cycles 
  • Contact size from ∅ 1.5 to 12 mm 
  • Usable in a temperature range of –40 to 125°C

To allow use of the respective charging standards, appropriate adapters are also required, such as ODU’s SAE NACS adapter for the North American Charging Standard (NACS).  ODU offers a complete solution for combining different charging standards, including an integrated temperature sensor for monitoring the charging process – if required.

To efficiently utilize the different charging standards, appropriate adapters are required. One example of this is the ODU SAE NACS adapter, which was specially developed for the North American NACS charging standard. At ODU, we offer a comprehensive solution that makes it possible to combine different charging standards. Our solution even includes the option of an integrated temperature sensor that monitors the charging process to ensure maximum safety and efficiency – individually tailored to your application.

Your contact at ODU: Shaping the future of eMobility together

We are ready for the future of eMobility – are you? Let’s take charging your electric vehicles to the next level! ODU is your experienced partner when it comes to finding innovative solutions for your charging connectors.

We are ready to help you implement your projects and jointly develop high‐performance contacts that meet your specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you – let’s master the challenges of eMobility together.
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FAQ: Frequently asked questions on this topic

1. What makes ODU contact technology ideal for the NACS standard?

ODU TURNTAC® is designed to support the NACS standard and guarantees reliability and durability for over 10,000 mating cycles. This robust and universal contact system is characterized by extremely low and stable contact resistance, so consistent performance is guaranteed throughout its service life.

2. How does ODU TURNTAC® improve the charging connection under the NACS standard?

To guarantee a safe and user-friendly charging process, ODU TURNTAC® features a special contact geometry that ensures low mating and demating forces – in accordance with the NACS charging standard.

3. Can ODU TURNTAC® contact technology be used for any charging standard?

ODU TURNTAC® contact technology is versatile and has been specially developed for charging applications. Due to its scalability, this technology can be used in all common charging standards. The contacts’ flexible design allows the contact system to be optimally adapted to the respective requirements.

4. Is NACS also used outside North America?

No. The types of networks commonly used in the USA differ significantly from their European equivalents. While three and four-conductor systems with higher voltages are generally used in industry, the 120/240V single-phase system (single phase, grounded midpoint) is mainly used in the residential construction sector. In Europe, on the other hand, three phases with a mains voltage of 400V are common in residential buildings. Therefore, the higher mains voltage allows a higher charging capacity compared to NACS. In addition, a load on only two outer contacts would lead to a disruptive asymmetry in the grid load. And in the Asian region, they are taking an entirely different path – with the locally developed ChaoJi charging standard.

5. Does ODU also supply suitable adapters?

Yes, with ODU as your partner, you have access to a complete solution including the ideal plug and adapter for your desired charging standard. The ODU TURNTAC® contact technology installed in an ODU adapter combines superlative contact properties and high quality with economical prices. Our ODU SAE NACS adapter is especially suitable for NACS applications and increases the number of usable charging points for the end user. It is characterized by safe and convenient handling as well as a robust plastic housing – an optional integrated temperature sensor can also be installed to monitor the charging process.